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101 Must-Know PSLE Maths Tips with Self-Test Checkpoints and 20 Illustrations on Problem Solving Strategies

9 out of 10 Primary Students say they are uninspired by Mathematics. You don't have to be that student.

AL1 for PSLE Maths

"It has been a wonderful experience, paving the way for Jehvesh's AL1 in PSLE Maths."

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"From an AL5 to the AL3 in PSLE Maths. The intensive coaching and enhancement was indeed a very great help."

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"A" Grade for PSLE Maths

"I was scoring just 50+ but after attending the coaching sessions my Maths skills changed and I'm happy to share for PSLE Maths, I achieved my dream "A" ! "

-Farrin Sarbudeen

What's Included in this PSLE Maths Book?

  • 63 Pages of Easily Digestible Primary Maths Content with 101 Must Know Tips
  • 32 Self-Test Checkpoints
  • 20 Hand-drawn Illustration of Problem Solving Strategies

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I hope you enjoy learning with the 101 PSLE Maths Tips and Tactics book as much as I did writing it ! 

Irfan "Your Maths Coach" Musthapa