How M² Student, Anannya Saravanan Secured the AL1 for PSLE Maths & Perfect Grades for All ! 

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PSLE 2023 has just passed and MasterMaths is truly delighted to share that Anannya got the AL1 for Maths 🏆 
& perfect score for everything else.

We believe there is much to learn from her success.

Coach Irfan got on a Zoom call with Anannya and her fully supportive mother.

If you're looking for secrets to her success, you've come to the right place. 

If you're looking for tips & strategies to succeed in your studies, you'll definitely get something from here.

If you've been trying & are starting to doubt yourself, look no further, you will be inspired by Anannya's story.

She shares her secrets in this 21-minutes success sharing.

Never Give Up!

Anannya's Actual PSLE Report Card

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Mu'adz Jufri

AL1 in PSLE Maths

"The extra lessons provided by Mastermaths for P6 students have helped him  prepare for more challenging problem sums qtns. We are absolutely delighted with the support and motivation certainly boost our son's confidence and inspire him to soar high with a  perfect AL1 in PSLE Maths."

- Mdm. Noraini Suadi, Mother to Mu'adz Jufri, MasterMaths Student


Sarranya Gnanapathy

Double A's "O" Level A/E Maths (Straight A's and raffles placement)

"During the "O" Level season there were lots of ups and downs and I felt really stressed at times but during the lessons, I felt relieved when inspiring real  success stories were shared. above and beyond to support students. Having such a positive environment encouraged me to do better."

- Sarranya Gnanapathy, MasterMaths Student


Picture of Amberlyn O Level Emath and Amath Student

Amberlyn Lau

(Went from average to Distinctions)


"During the Sec 3 Year, my daughter failed her Emath & Amath badly. However, with the guidance from Coach Irfan and his team, she scored A2 for both subjects at O Levels!"

- Mdm. Chrstina Lum, Mother to Amberlyn, MasterMaths Student

Picture of MasterMaths PSLE Student

Nurul Jannah



"Thank you to the Mastermaths team for the guidance and inspiration & for answering my doubts!"

- Nurul Jannah, MasterMaths Student

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