Discover the Mindset, Motivation and Methods for 

Singapore Maths Breakthrough

Top Scorers in Maths are not gifted with rocket high IQ. 
They are gifted with the right study habits.
This is the goal of MasterMaths - that anyone can do and succeed in Maths.

Hi ! I'm Irfan Musthapa and about 17 years ago, I had one of the biggest struggles as a student - repeated Maths failures.

I lacked purpose, practice and as a result, progress.

Not surprising when I presented my mother with a report card that screamed a top five class position..from the bottom! This was accompanied with numerous red underlines, one of which was for Maths. Back then, subjects with less than 50 percent was marked red. 

From struggle to success.

Success leaves clues. It was not until observing, learning and note taking from the best students in class that I changed the way I learn. 

The very same study system that now forms the pillars of all MasterMaths coaching programs  - the 3 M's.

Using the 3 M's, I overturned my largely disappointing results into consistent distinctions as detailed here.

  • Double A1's at O Level for Additional and E.Maths
  • "A" Grade for A Level Maths
  • A+ for University Mathematics
  • NTU First Class Honours
  • NTU Dean's Listing
  • University Studies SINDA's Academic Excellence Awards
  • University Studies Anugerah Cemerlang Mendaki

The right Mindset, Motivation and Study Methods brought change for me and it can do the same for you too !

I studied in a neighbourhood Primary & Secondary School and went on to achieve transformations to my academic fate.

Having genius intellect for Maths success is a myth that I hope to dispel in all Maths learners.

If you're a student, I hope you look at this as proof that you can too.

As a parent, my message to you is that anything is possible for your child. 

With the 3 M's in place, just about anyone can achieve their dreams.

Enjoy learning, stay positive, work hard and go for your Big dreams !

Coach Irfan Musthapa

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If you're one who is ready to 

(1) work hard and

(2) go for your dreams,

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