Discover the Proven Approach Empowering Any Student to Achieve Maths Success, Confidence and Get Ahead through the Winning Mindset, Method and Motivation...

Having it...Gives Children The Skill To Succeed And Achieve Their Full Potential

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What's Included in Our Mathematics Class for Primary 1 to PSLE, Sec 1 to "O" Levels?

  • Weekly 90-Minutes Group Coaching Program by Qualified Coaches.* 
  • Lesson Recordings for Anytime Revision
  • Mobile Chat Anytime Maths Q&A Support
  • Reviews and Performance Feedback
  • Centre Location are at Woodlands, Farrer Park, Tampines and Jurong East (West Side unit to open in July 2024) 
  • Or Learn at Your Convenience, Online
  • Complimentary Weekly Booster Class for PSLE Students
  • Complimentary Extra Revision Class for All Other Levels closer to exams

*All MasterMaths Coaches Go Through Profile Screening, Interviews, Teaching Assessments and are required to Score Distinction in the MasterMaths Coaching System Course

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The BEST PROOF Comes From PROUD and HAPPY Parents...

Over 300+

Reviews by Parents...

"Get started with learning Commonly Tested Maths techniques...

.... then use the proven mindset, motivation and method to achieve your Maths Goals"

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You've got a dream course and school in mind. Now you're looking to succeed in Singapore Mathematics.

You've thought about creating a Maths study plan

But you're not super excited in creating a laundry list of topics and strategies because that can get overwhelming. You may want a more structured approach.

You've thought about putting in the consistent efforts and practice

But with too many resources, you're unsure what to pick out or where to start. Explanations to must-know Maths concepts may not be crystal clear and doubts may  linger. You may want techniques that are easy to understand so that you're confident to take that next step.

You've thought about scoring for your test / exam

But with too many people expecting different things from you, you set goals that may seem unrealistic. You want to set targets that are attainable and then take your goals to the next level. You may even yearn for an inspiring educator to ignite your true potential.

Bottom Line

You want to secure your target Maths marks so that you're eligible for your dream course and school - without having to deal with a long list of complicated Maths concepts and strategies.

Top Students Love Learning at MasterMaths...

Mu'adz Jufri

AL1 in PSLE Maths


"The extra lessons provided by Mastermaths for P6 students have helped him  prepare for more challenging problem sums qtns. We are absolutely delighted with the support and motivation certainly boost our son's confidence and inspire him to soar high with a  perfect AL1 in PSLE Maths."

- Mdm. Noraini Suadi, Mother to Mu'adz Jufri, MasterMaths Student

Sarranya Gnanapathy

Double A's "O" Level A/E Maths (Straight A's and raffles placement)


"During the "O" Level season there were lots of ups and downs and I felt really stressed at times but during the lessons, I felt relieved when inspiring real  success stories were shared. above and beyond to support students. Having such a positive environment encouraged me to do better."

- Sarranya Gnanapathy, MasterMaths Student

Picture of Amberlyn O Level Emath and Amath Student

Amberlyn Lau

(Went from average to Distinctions)


"During the Sec 3 Year, my daughter failed her Emath & Amath badly. However, with the guidance from Coach Irfan and his team, she scored A2 for both subjects at O Levels!"

- Mdm. Chrstina Lum, Mother to Amberlyn, MasterMaths Student

Picture of MasterMaths PSLE Student

Nurul Jannah



"Thank you to the Mastermaths team for the guidance and inspiration & for answering my doubts!"

- Nurul Jannah, MasterMaths Student

Here's a question...

Why is it that some students are able to achieve top Maths grades while others who attend the same school, same class,  struggle to complete the exam, let alone achieve their target marks?

Hang tight, I'll explain exactly why.

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Here's some challenges facing students

Students are swarmed with learning where the main mode of absorbing knowledge is the teacher hand holding them through a Maths problem. We know how mundane that can get.

Students are loaded with a constant flow of  practice papers/online quizzes and find little meaning or challenge in completing them. We know how uninspiring these can get.

Students want a structured Maths program with support to their learning at anytime they need so as to achieve their goals and dreams.

...and that's where MasterMaths Coaching comes in.

All in one course for your specific level
Crystal Clear, Concise and Complete Explanations with All Lessons Recorded, Reviews, Gaps Analyses, Anytime Maths Chat Q&A Supplemented with Regular Video Tutorials and Unlimited Support to Mathematics Learning.

Fact : Students are 2x more motivated to learn and have greater sense of urgency to take action on their studies with an inspiring Maths program than with something average. 




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Step #1 Motivation

Write down your purpose of learning Maths. What is your dream course? Where do you want to be in the next few years? What Maths grades does it take to get there? Do you have a role model to follow?

Step #2 Method

Plan out the strategies and concepts that are essential to master. Select a resource to learn these strategies and try them out repeatedly until you're confident to tackle them in a test/exam. Go from basic to intermediate and then advance standards without skipping any levels.

Step #3 Mindset

Do you find yourself giving up too easily? It could be due to having one of two mindsets - a Fixed Mindset. Develop a Growth Mindset instead. List down at least ten Growth Mindset statements and have them handy in times when you feel like giving up.

The Mathematics Breakthrough you've been searching for can come with the right motivationmethod and mindset...

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With Mathematics Coaching that's 100% committed to producing results and unlimited learning support,  you can spend less time worrying and more time working towards your goals.

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MasterMaths Coaching

Get started with learning Commonly Tested Maths techniques...

.... then use the proven mindset, motivation and method to achieve your Maths Goals

Here's everything that is included:

Weekly 90-minutes Coaching Program

Lesson Recordings for Anytime Reference

Mobile Chat Anytime Maths Support Q&A

Reviews and Performance Feedback

Extra Coaching Support for All Landmark Levels(P5, P6, Sec 3 to Sec 5)

Course Amount :

SGD225 per month [course fees are a flat monthly fees for 4 lessons. Should there be a 5th session, it will be provided complimentary] 

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Unfiltered and honest reviews of MasterMaths Coaching Course

You've likely attended a Maths class before. Maybe it was a course that didn't deliver on its promise, or a workshop that turned out to be nothing more than a sales pitch.
And while we can tell you that the MasterMaths Coaching Course is conducted with 100% commitment to results and taught only by inspiring coaches, there's nothing that replaces hearing from actual students and parents
Here's our reviews and students' results page, unfiltered and completely honest.

Student Reviews and Results
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Hi there ! I'm Irfan

...and about a decade ago, my mother experienced an incredible moment—a proud mother seeing her own child graduate from university for the first time. Her dedication to raising me had paid off.

However, despite this milestone, I felt a sense of incompleteness. My journey wasn't the smoothest. During my early school years, I grappled with finding enthusiasm for math, often stumbling and bringing home report cards that were anything but pleasant for my mother.

But through a series of transformations and by refining my study habits, I managed to turn my academic performance around securing grades like double A1's for O Level Maths, Distinction for A Level H2 Maths, and ultimately graduating with a First Class Honors Degree from NTU, Singapore with Dean's Listing.

Since graduating, it has become my personal mission to share my journey and study techniques with others. Today, our team prepares students all across Singapore to conquer their Mathematics exams and fulfill their aspirations.

With a passionate team of coaches—alumni from Singapore's esteemed universities like NTU and NUS—we impart the MasterMaths Coaching Course. Our commitment stands at 100% towards ensuring our students achieve their desired results.

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What about the actual details for the Maths Coaching Course?

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Weekly 90-minutes Coaching

For Primary Levels : Fundamental Maths Skills, Problem Solving Heuristics, Critical Thinking Skills, Timed Exams and Reviews
For Secondary Levels : Formula understanding for Algebra/Geometry/Logical Skills Mastery, Application of Formulas, Timed Exams and Reviews
All lessons can be attended either in class or online.

Lesson Recordings

All MasterMaths courses are recorded and stored in our database for anytime reference by the student. Parents are also provided with lesson summary after each lesson.

Mobile Chat Anytime Q&A Support

We know that doubts may exist outside lesson time and we strongly advocate clearing your questions as they come. As such, we have a dedicated Online Maths Tutor on Mobile Chat to answer all your Maths Questions

Reviews and Performance Feedback

Students will be evaluated for their strengths and areas for improvements with parents feedback done. Any areas of improvements will be tied to key actionable steps for Maths improvements.

Extra Coaching for Landmark Levels

Students in P5/P6 and Sec 3/4/5 are provided with added coaching lessons as support for their Maths exams' preparation.

MasterMaths proudly featured on these national platforms :

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